To thrive in the 21st century and beyond your organization must retain the best and brightest people (from entry-level employees to managers, supervisors, department heads, executives and board members)develop a succession plan to ensure strong leadership for the future;  and build a long-term talent pipeline


The McM mission is three-fold:


  • Design and deliver talent development initiatives tailored to your organization’s needs


  • Provide experienced and world class learning professionals to work with you and your staff


  • Partner with you to build a strong ongoing relationship with you and your organization geared to meeting your specific needs

McM provides in-house customized training programs to your employees at all levels upon demand.  We will continue to market the programs we offer for you and your staff via email and through our website.  In addition, Karen McMullen will be in touch with you to set up in-person meetings and discuss the training and/or consulting you may have need for now or in the future.

Our product is design, development and training.  Our product is consulting and mentoring.  Our product is Making a Difference to your organization.

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