The following Testimonials demonstrate the quality, experience, and excellence of The McMullen Group, LLC Principal and Partners.

Karen McMullen, Founder and Principal

“As a former chief credit officer for a major regional bank for more than two decades, and currently consulting and training for commercial banks in North America, I have had the opportunity to work with Karen McMullen.  She has proven herself to be a professional in facilitating the development of bankers.  Her insight into both the bank needs and the interest of the participants in the training programs has had a material impact in enhancing the quality of products delivered.  Karen puts in the extra effort to make sure these products meet the clients’ needs.  She is easy to work with, yet firm on the quality that is expected.  As such I enjoy working with her and I think that most managers would benefit from the opportunity to do the same to enhance employee performance.”

- Joe May Commercial Bank Training/Consultant

Greg Benson

Greg Benson and I have worked together for more than eighteen years.  My experience with Greg ranges from him serving as a faculty member of the Center for Financial Services (CFT), a presenter of workshops for various financial institutions, and as an in-house trainer when I had my own training company.


Greg is extremely knowledgeable in compliance and security and has a teaching style that makes these subjects relatable to his audience.  His student evaluations are always excellent. Both his knowledge level and life experiences allow him to keep all participants engaged. 

- Dana M. Hall

Training & Development Officer, Shore Bancshares, Inc.

Harry Cooper

“The class was great!  The information covered was useful to me.  I really and truly enjoyed the instructor and his knowledge and patience.”  “My expectations were exceeded!”  “Conversations on leadership and being able to draw from other’s experiences was great.  I am new in my role and appreciated being able to listen to others about how they handle situations.  My expectations for this class were exceeded.  Great class!  Thank you Harry!”

Students from Lakeland Bank, Oak Ridge NJ

Yolanda DiMari

I worked with Yolanda DiMari at Hudson City Bancorp for 15 years when she was our most senior officer in charge of all human resource matters other than compensation and benefits.  On several occasions she reported directly to me on employee complaints and investigations.  She also coached bank managers and employees on performance issues and career development.


Yolanda is a seasoned human resources professional and a good listener.  Her professionalism, integrity and sense of fairness made her successful in gaining the trust of our senior executive team as well as our 1500 managers and employees.  I trusted her implicitly and enjoyed working with her.

- Denis J. Salamone
Chairman and CEO (Retired), Hudson City Bancorp. Inc.

Susan Head

Hands down, Susan is one of the best in the business.  I have had the honor and pleasure of working with her for thirteen years.  She understands the why and the how of philanthropy.  I wholeheartedly recommend Susan for any planning or fiduciary needs.

- Henri Fitzgerald

Director of Non Profit Solutions

Susan Mach, Ph.D.

First and foremost, please allow me to tell you how much I enjoyed your session on effective communication.  All week I’ve been tweaking my communications to my customers and team members based on the information I’ve gained from your session. For that, I thank you.

- Vice President/Area Mgr.,

Cynthia S. Rowan, Ph.D.

“We have worked with Cindy for about 4 years.  She helped us developed Management and Leadership training for first line supervisors through Senior Management.  She has been there!!  She knows the environment we work in and her efforts have taken our managers and their employees to new levels.  Her energetic style is refreshing.  I would highly recommend her to any bank looking to improve the way managers lead others.” 

- SVP, Human Resources

Jamie Schenck

I have had the distinct privilege of working with Jamie for more than 15 years now.  When it comes to training, development, facilitation, or procedure manual development and design, Jamie has been my “go to” resource.  She has repeatedly shown herself to be adept at the development of training courses, including new hire training, teller training, sales training, and custom programming based on business need.  I have also been impressed with her ability to work with teams in documenting procedural elements to build comprehensive department procedure manuals.  Her professionalism, engagement, and dedication to each assignment made each of them a success in my experience.  She is the person I think of first when I have a need in any of these areas.

- Anthony Mero

 Executive Vice President & COO, Two River Community Bank

Phil Vassallo, Ed.D.

Phil was engaging and supportive of the learning process. I don't think anyone felt left out in his course. We had a deaf person in the class and Phil managed to adapt his teaching style on-the-fly to accommodate this unusual circumstance. I remember him bringing in insightful supporting information that he had uncovered over the years. He had us give him a sample of our writing and he worked diligently to give each and one of us sincere, and useful feedback. His course was informative, useful, and has made a lasting impression among a sea of Lucent courses that I have taken. As a result of his course, I have given more thought to making my sentences pounce out at readers using active voice. I now try to transform dull words by seeking glimmering alternatives. These things stick out in my mind years after I had taken his course. Over the years, I have been instructed by dozens of teachers. Better than any teacher I have had, Phil has the ability to a make someone feel like a special and unique human being.

– Benjamin Cheung,
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff,  Lucent Technologies

Connie Whitman

“As a Consultant, Sales Trainer, Team Builder and so much more, Connie exemplifies excellent skills in her field. She has a remarkable presentation in all her sessions that will drive employee motivation and provide the necessary tools to improve sales cultures, to higher levels, in the financial industry.”


- Ingrid Andrade,
Columbia Bank New Jersey, Branch Manager

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